It is a typical hot summer day. The humidity is high and the temperature is approaching ninety-five. You are out in your car for a nice leisurely drive. You are quite comfortable in your car. It has nice seats, a great view, and a temperature controlled air conditioner that you set at 72 degrees and need do nothing more to stay cool.

You notice that you are approaching some flashing red lights. It is a railroad crossing so you slow to a stop to wait for the train. While waiting for the train you notice a man standing in the middle of the tracks. The train is some distance away but the man does not seem to notice its approach. It is then that you realize that the man is both blind and deaf.

You look around and realize you are the only one there to help. You are now faced with a decision on what to do.

You have several choices:

    1. You could do nothing at all.
    2. You could remain in your comfortable car and pray that God will save the man.
    3. You could get out of your "comfort zone" and go to the man.

You realize you must do something. Just praying seems a good safe answer, but you wonder if God has placed you here to help the man yourself. You consider leaving your car. You know it is hot out there. The track is really dirty and might soil your new clothes. How will you warn a blind, deaf man once you reach him? Then you realize the real danger, you might get hit by the train! You even wonder what kind of train it is.

Suddenly the train appears. It is too late. You sit there aghast as you watch.

No, none of us would actually even consider doing this.

Or, Would We??

Every Sunday we go to Church. We are Comfortable there. We sit in the same spot. We have our close friends. We all believe the same and we never have to defend our beliefs. Yes, we are in our "comfort zone".

What of the lost outside our Church? Yes, we are concerned for our lost family members, but what about the stranger on the railroad track of life. Satan is bearing down on him. Do we do nothing? Do we sit in our pew praying that God will send someone else to him? Do we debate among our selves what would be the "proper" way to approach him? Do we spend so much time making sure that our Brethren do not stray that we wait until it is too late? Are we so weak in our faith that we are afraid to step out of our "comfort zone" to help him?

We must get out , go to him, take him by the arm and get him off the track to destruction. Then when he is "safe" we can teach him how to stay off the tracks.

How do we do this for a lost person? Simply point him to Jesus. Show him how Jesus has changed our lives by the life we lead. Then allow the Holy Spirit to work on his heart. Just preach and live Jesus; crucified for our sins, buried and resurrected to save the lost until His return.

Remember some times we must step out of our "comfort zone" so the lost might be able to see Jesus in us.

Dedicated to Jesus
Inspired by Jesus
Penned by Jim Foresee